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For more than 75 years, Regent Controls has been a trusted manufacturer of industrial power control products. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets the standard for brake and clutch control solutions, with products recognized for their exceptional reliability and performance. Part of Carlyle Johnson – a world leader in industrial clutch and brake development and manufacturing – Regent Controls provides a full suite of controller, sensor, relay, and timer products.

Whether you require precise control for complex machinery or robust solutions for demanding applications, Regent Controls has the ideal industrial power control products to meet your needs.

Solutions for Your Industrial Needs

Explore our diverse product range, including power supply controllers, timers, relays and wear sensors, to find the right fit for your requirements. Our team is readily available to assist you in selecting from our product line or can engineer a custom solution. Learn more about our industrial power control products below.

SmartSense: The Intelligent Brake and Clutch Wear Sensor

SmartSense24 is a pioneering product that controls and monitors spring-applied, electrically-released brakes and clutches, enhancing their lifespan. The controller offers real-time status updates and wear condition information through an LED display, achieved by electronically detecting armature movement post power application. The display accurately reflects the wear incurred due to cycle rate usage.

Learn more about SmartSense24, an intelligent industrial brake and clutch wear sensor, and download the product datasheet.

Learn About SmartSense


Reduce Wear, Save Energy: SmartSense (IoT) Clutch/Brake Control

Crafted for 24 VDC systems, this solid-state power supply and control offers valuable information on clutch and brake wear while efficiency managing power consumption to optimize performance. In action, the SmartSense (IoT) supplies full voltage output to a brake or clutch until armature movement is identified. This controller intelligently decreases power to an adjustable holding voltage, minimizing power needs, heat generation, and wear during each cycle.

Read more about this next generation clutch and brake controller, and download the operation and specification sheet.

More About SmartSense (IoT)


Field-Proven Clutch and Brake Controls

Solid state designs help to ensure long-lasting performance, while versatile controls and diverse configurations allow you to tailor the clutch or brake control solution to your specific needs. Choose from models compatible with 24 or 90 VDC power, and benefit from intelligent brake and clutch supply options that continuously monitor and adjust current and load to maximize efficiency and performance.

We offer a variety of brake and clutch control products, including:

Industrial Clutch & Brake Controls


Solid State Timers for Control and Flexibility

Regent Controls’ solid state timers offer unwavering control for your system, thanks to a diverse range of features and modes. Choose from timers with 2, 4 or 6 functions, and various trigger options like one-shot, repeat cycle and retriggerable, to cater to the diverse timing requirements of your system.

Explore our range of timers, including:

Solid State & Industrial Timers


Relays for Precise Performance

Industrial power control components can face many systemic and environmental challenges. Current sensing relays require consistent and reliable performance regardless of extreme dust, temperature or other complexities. Our brake and clutch relay products excel in demanding conditions, resisting vibration and corrosion. Many models operate effectively with low contact resistance and demonstrate repeatability in environments containing particles and debris. Find more details about our relay products, including:

Industrial Current Sensing Relays


Optimize Your Operations with Our Industrial Power Control Products

If you require dependable power control components solutions, or intelligent wear monitoring, Regent Controls offers a variety industrial clutch and brake control products along with the expertise to enhance your applications.

Explore our standard industrial power control products or reach out to discuss your unique application challenges with our experienced team. We’ll find a custom solution to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Fill out our quick contact form or connect with a Regent Controls team member today.

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