Revolutionary SmartSense (IoT) Industrial Brake & Clutch Controller

SmartSense24 IoT Controller by Regent Controls

Designed for the Internet of Things, the SmartSense(IoT) Industrial Clutch & Brake Controller Provides Sensorless Optimization of Operation & Timing

The SmartSense(IoT) is an innovative controller that optimizes performance, maximizes lifespan and avoids breakdowns, seamlessly integrating into industrial Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Developed for spring-applied clutches and brakes, the SmartSense(IoT) has features and capabilities which have been unavailable in the market, until now.

This solid-state power supply and control is designed for 24 VDC systems, and provides key insights into clutch and brake wear, while optimizing power consumption and maximizing performance. During operation, the SmartSense(IoT) applies a full voltage output to a brake or clutch until the armature movement is detected. The unit then automatically reduces power to an adjustable holding voltage – reducing power requirements, heat and wear on every cycle. Additionally, the SmartSense(IoT) allows users to monitor armature position and movement, with informative insights that help you can get the most out of your industrial clutches and brakes.

An Industrial IoT Controller That Connects You With Your Clutch & Brake

Built-in digital and analog indicator outputs provide real-time information, showing:

  • Percentage of wear - so you can accurately schedule a replacement of your clutch or brake, as well as utilize parts to their full lifespan
  • Excessive sudden wear – so you can address problems and avoid unexpected failure
  • Timing until replacement or repair – signaling when an 80% wear level has been reached
  • Armature movement – allowing you to improve positioning and stopping, as well as eliminate any overlap between brake disengagement and motor start

The SmartSense(IoT) also provides additional protection against failure, automatically turning off the power supply if no armature movement is detected with 4 seconds of initiation.

All of these performance optimizations and operational insights are provided without the need for additional sensors. The SmartSense(IoT) is truly the next generation of industrial clutch and brake controllers, and allows for complete remote monitoring of your critical system parts.

How The SmartSense(IoT) Industrial Clutch & Brake Controller Operates

The advanced capabilities of the SmartSense(IoT) are achieved by the unit’s ability to internally sense, capture, and make use of the brake or clutch armature movement.

When armature movement is sensed, a 10V output is turned on, and the amount of wear is calculated. The wear is then transmitted as a 0-10V analog signal proportional to wear – with 0V being 0% (new) and 10V being 100% (worn). Knowing the condition of the brake in real-time allows for planning of maintenance, avoiding emergency costs and lost lifecycles that occur when brake or clutch replacement is guesswork.

Because the SmartSense(IoT) reduces the brake or clutch to a holding voltage when armature movement occurs, any cycle-to-cycle variation – such as changes in wear or temperature – is automatically compensated for.

The SmartSense(IoT) also provides key information about armature movement, allowing users to improve positioning and stopping, further optimizing operation.

To further prevent problems, the SmartSense(IoT) emits a 10V digital signal if a clutch or brake has shown sudden and excessive wear. An indicator shows when wear is 5% or more on 3 consecutive cycles, and another when the clutch or brake is 80% worn and replacement should be scheduled. As an added safety measure, the SmartSense(IoT) will also turn off power to the unit if no armature movement is detected when initiated.

Advanced Clutch & Brake Control That Optimizes Operations

Unmatched in the industry, the SmartSense(IoT) industrial clutch and brake controller provides a revolutionary level of integration into modern, connected systems. From the unit’s advanced performance monitoring, that allows you to maximize lifespan and prevent unexpected disruptions, to the variety of integrated signaling outputs, the SmartSense(IoT) is ready for your IoT environment.

It is time to take charge of your clutch and brake operations, with complete operational confidence, cycle-by-cycle.

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Regent Controls Industrial Clutch & Break Controller & Monitor Datasheets
The SmartSense(IoT) Spring Applied Brake or Clutch Controller is a solid-state power supply and control for 24 VDC spring applied clutches & brakes which can be integrated into an industrial Internet of Things, IoT, system.

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