Industrial Current Sensing Relays Designed For Improved Usability & Efficiency

Regent Controls manufactures current sensing relays.

With low energy requirements and rugged dependability, Regent Controls relays help extend lifespan and improve performance. Our solid-state industrial relays and interfacing relays are built on 75 years of field-proven dependability, with designs that increase run-time, maximize efficiency and improve usability.

Industrial power control components are subjected to a wide range of system and environmental conditions – but no matter how dirty, hot or difficult – current sensing relays must reliably and repeatably perform. Regent products are designed to resist the effects of vibration and corrosion. Many models can be energized with even very low contact resistance, repeatably performing in applications with debris and particulates.

All Regent industrial current sensing relays feature an LED indicator for each output pole, and support DIN rail and panel mount installations. With many relay configurations and power control options, customers around the world rely on our products to provide best-in-class stability and performance.

Regent Controls Brake and Clutch Relay Products Datasheets
WatchGuard120 - Sensing Relays
The WatchGuard120 senses the closing of external contacts or sensors. It is ideal for monitoring part presence and liquid levels in industrial environments.
SR552A9D and SR552D9D - Sensing Relays
The SR552A9D and SR552D9D sense the closing of external contacts or sensors. They are ideal for monitoring part presence or machine elements in high-speed production and packaging equipment.
InterFacer, ProFacer and MultiFacer - Multipole Interfacing Relays
The interfacing series of relays not only provides the popular 120 VAC and 24 VDC relays, but also makes it possible to interface any combination of Load, Line, and Logic Voltages. The voltages may be 120V, 50/60 Hz or any DC voltage from 3 to 32 volts.
FlipFlop - Bi-Stable Relay
The FlipFlop is an all-solid-state relay which provides the flipflop, or toggle function. The relay can provide alternate energization of solenoids, pneumatic valves, motor starters, solid-state control devices, and other industrial loads. The FlipFlop is a bi-stable relay, and is designed to replace electromechanical ratchet relays for improved reliability and speed.
QuickTripper - Safety Monitor & Machine Guard Relay
The QuickTripper2 senses contacts such as ribbon switches or safety floor mats used in machine guarding. If an input contact closes momentarily, the relay quickly turns off the load and latches off. The QuickTripper2 can be reset by momentarily closing a customer-supplied Reset switch.

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