Repeat Cycle Timers Simplify Life Cycle Testing

A manually adjustable repeat cycle timer is an ideal solution for automated life cycle testing.

In-house life cycle stands often require a dependable means of controlling ON and OFF times for product testing. Solid-state repeat cycle timers are a good choice, and those with easily-adjusted timing are convenient for operators and quality engineers.

An example of a widley used Repeat Cycle Timer is Regent Controls’ TM102. It's features include:

         ●       Ease of operator adjustment.  Knobs on the timer provide for easy, independent adjustment of ON and OFF times.

         ●       No programming is required.  Timing is independent of any PLC or computer.

         ●       Time ranges from less than 1 second to 4 hours are available.

         ●       Models are available for 120VAC and 24VDC loads.

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