Improving Spring Brake Performance While Reducing Energy Costs

A spring brake control can be used to improve spring brake performance and save energy.

Over-excitation (providing a momentary high voltage spike) can be used to rapidly release a spring brake.  Besides quicker release, the over-excitation helps to overcome surface wear reducing maintenance, saving time and money.

Once released, a reduced holding voltage can then be used to hold the brake off.  Often this can be less than 50% of the coil rating.  This greatly reduced power consumption is not only environmentally friendly but saves money and reduces heat build up in the coil.

An example of a spring brake control with over-energization and reduced holding voltage is Regent Controls’ SBC.

         ●       Over-energization time is adjustable for fastest release while using the least energy.

         ●       Holding voltage is adjustable to maximize energy savings while maintaining performance                                                       

         ●       Models available for 90 and 24VDC spring brakes.

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