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  • Improves response time for higher cycle rates for wrap spring clutches.
  • LED status indicator.
  • Compact size. DIN rail or panel mount.
  • Regent’s 5 Year “No-Questions-Asked” Warranty.

Ideal for:

  • Packaging machinery
  • Labelers
  • Paper feeders
  • Cut-off machines
  • Rotary indexing
  • Hole punching and stamping
  • Wrap-spring clutches

UL Recognized. File number E57361

The KickStart is a solid-state over-energization power supply. It provides fast, repeatable energization of 24 VDC solenoids, including those on wrap-spring clutches. By reducing response time, cycle rates in high speed applications can be increased dramatically.

Optically-isolated logic input permits direct interface with PLC output modules and other logic-level components. No additional relays or switches are needed, so wiring is simplified and reliability is enhanced.

Timing of control input is not critical—input can be left ON without overheating the solenoid coil. The KickStart supplies a one-shot pulse to energize the load.




With a 24 VDC control signal on terminals 1,2, a solid-state switch closes and the built-in over-energization circuit supplies 150 V peak to the load. After the energy stored in the over-energization circuit has been transferred to the load, the circuit turns itself off and begins recharging for the next cycle.

The output switch incorporates a fast flux decay circuit to ensure rapid turn-off of the load. No protective components are needed with inductive loads.


1. Initiating contact may be any switch, transistor, photo or proximity sensor, or PLC output capable of switching 10 mA at 24 VDC. Current sourcing or sinking can be used.
2. Terminal 2 can be grounded.
3. If load requires 24 VDC after over-energization, use Regent’s PR11OE24.



Line Input (L1,L2)

Recommended fuse

120 VAC +/- 20%, 50/60 Hz

Littelfuse 322005

Logic Input (+1,-2)

24 VDC +/- 10%, 10 mA burden. Compatible with sinking or sourcing outputs

Output (LOAD +,-)

Initial over-energization

Current rating

Minimum load resistance

On-state voltage drop

Off-state leakage current

Recommended fuse


150 V peak

1.0 A maximum

24 ohms

2 VDC max

less than 100 uA

Buss PCB1

Recharge Time

approximately 350 msec to 90%

approximately 160 msec to 67%


0 to 65C (32 to 149F)

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